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Everyone has a story. Here's mine!

I'm Andreas, a Character Animator educated in Information Technology, Digital Film & Animation and Character Animation. Currently, I'm working at Mack Animation, one of Europe's leading animation studios for feature films.

It is difficult to imagine a childhood today without the magic of Animation. When I was a kid interested in Animation and surrounded by all these tales from Mickey Mouse to Goofy and Donald Duck to Winnie the Pooh, all I ever wanted was to create my own stories to be part of this world, which is why I developed a deep passion for Animation, Art & Design from a very early age. While I'm a Character Animator now and continue to practice and gain experience every day, I sometimes catch myself looking back to years of training where I also learned that embracing multiple skill sets can open up many new possibilities to become faster, better and more efficient, in Animation in particular.

I'm educated in Information Technology, Digital Film & Animation and Character Animation. Every single educational step has helped and supported me to manage every situation with confidence. With my education in Information Technology, I gained a lot of experience such as in various programming languages, operating systems and high-end 3D graphic packages, and during my studies in Digital Film & Animation, I learned to combine the technical with the artistic level, and I successfully completed the Digital Film & Animation Degree Program where I also received the respective Diploma. Furthermore, I graduated with Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Digital Film Making, and I successfully completed the Character Animation program at Animation Mentor and AnimSchool.

When I'm not working, I love to spend my free time outdoors biking, swimming, checking out new areas, playing video games and spending time with friends & colleagues and most importantly: family.

Want to get in touch? You can reach me by using the given contact details.

I'd love to hear from you.





Andreas Lugert, BA (Hons)
Character Animator and Generalist

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