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Run. Because Zombies will eat the untrained first!

So, here we are. Still alive. Since my first dose of keyframes, I've been trained by the best and most brilliant people in their fields, with whom I worked closely together to create beautiful, mysterious and epic new worlds, stories & adventures that evoke your deepest emotions.

Alright, let's go on a new journey today and meet my coaches.

Bobby Beck

Bobby Beck

CEO Artella & Animation Mentor

I’m writing in regards to Andreas Lugert. I have had the pleasure of working closely with him in his last couple of terms with us. Andreas is an extremely talented animator and storyteller. He creates inspiration images for each of his shots so that he can really get into the world and mind of his characters. To me that shows a love not just for animation but for the larger picture of how these moments fit into the larger concept.


His wide range of knowledge, skills and abilities including animation, modeling, texturing, rigging, lighting, rendering, compositing, scripting and more makes him a fantastic addition to any team in any area. Team wise, he inspires others around him and pushes them to achieve better, stronger work. Even though we’re an online school you can feel Andreas’s positive energy in all of his posts. He takes great care in the feedback he offers and is open and accepting of feedback of his own work. There is a loose quality to his work that I really enjoy and rarely get to see in student work. I’ve seen his work grow while at Animation Mentor and now it’s time to send him off to the big world and I believe he is ready. I see Andreas going a long way in the industry and I would be honored to work with him and I am proud to recommend him to your team. Please feel free to contact me directly if you’d like more information. Thank you.

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